hydraulic Car parking system in America

GG LIFTERSTECH company starts to apply hydraulic car parking system in America, to meet customers requirements, and increase customers satisfaction.

GG LIFTERSTECH company Convert the conceptual parking concept into a detailed design for creation at any time, as GG lifters team work acts hardly to Design and manufacture mature products suitable for all markets.

Definition of hydraulic Car parking system in America.

 hydraulic Car parking system in America is that system which that depends on the classification of the machine used for the hydraulic device in order to lift or move all things by using it for the force produced when applying pressure on the liquid in this piston.

How does hydraulic Car parking system in America work? 

hydraulic Car parking system in America moves the car from one floor to another. It is mainly used in buildings, garages, car 4s shops,

  This system especially suitable for buildings with shafts. The elevator is a safe and ideal automobile transportation equipment. Simple and convenient, it is suitable for various architectural designs to save construction space.

Uses of hydraulic Car parking system in America

Used for various items such as automobiles, brake systems, forklifts, presses and pumps. All systems use the same basic principles, and hydraulic parking lifts are no different.

The main components of the hydraulic car parking lift are:

  • Piston in the cylinder (called plunger)
  • Fuel tank or fuel tank
  • Water pump
  • Motor (drive pump)
  • valve

Normally, a hydraulic lift will have a machine room that will house pumps, hydraulic oil and motors, so you may need more space than expected. You can get a machine room less (MRL) hydraulic lift, which usually stores machinery and equipment in the hoist way, leaning against the guide rail behind the lift, making it a more space-saving choice.

hydraulic Car lift system in America

Advantages of hydraulic Car lift system in America

The advantages of hydraulic car parking lift systems include the following:

  • Easy and accurate control, and the ability to generate a lot of power. 
  • Car hydraulic lift system in America also uses fewer moving parts than some mechanical and electrical systems. 
  • It also provides constant force and torque-in fact, despite speed changes, only fluid power systems can provide constant force or torque.
Types of hydraulic Car parking lift system in America

There many types of hydraulic car lift system in America used by GG LIFTERSTECH company:

  • Two-post lift

The car elevator consists of only two pillars, and the length of the arm is appropriate to fit any space. Therefore, among all types of car elevators, the car elevator is the lowest cost, most space-saving, and most preferred.

  • In_ ground lift

The turning circle of the maintenance frame is greatly reduced, and vehicle damage is reduced, and there is no pillar that the door hits.

Compared with above-ground elevators, underground elevators are also maintenance-free and have a long service life. One end is hinged on the floor, you can lower it to the floor when not in use.

  • Four wheel alignment lift

The lift needs to be accurate to millimeters under high duty cycle and has a runway through which vehicles can be driven for maintenance.

The runway consists of a special turntable and a skateboard to make the wheels rotate without resistance during the alignment process