car parking lifts suppliers in UK

GG LIFTERSTECH Company is one of the car parking lifts suppliers in the UK, which rely on modern technology in automobile elevators. They have been developed and produced according to the distinctive standards of automotive products.

Other features of elevators

GG LIFTERSTECH Company has strong technical capabilities that solve the problem of noise and car tremors caused by the load heavier than the system. Traction machine due to the uneven force that holds the vehicle.

The types of auto lifts offered by GG LIFTERSTECH Company 

(Four car parking lifts) provided by GG LIFTERSTECH Company one of the car parking lifts suppliers in UK 

This is the automatic wheel lift type, also known as a kind of alignment lever.

Four-quarter car elevators are the most popular solution in the auto repair industry. Due to the additional support provided by four functions, these lifts are known to be more stable than their counterparts, and are dual-function elevators.

Four-column lifts are usually priced slightly higher than the two lifts, due to the mechanics and additional materials used to manufacture them.

Two cars after the elevators

Two dimensional elevators provided by GG LIFTERSTECH Company, one of the car parking lifts suppliers in UK, are the best-selling "engagement" lifts. Recommended use as a "drive by" garage.

There are two types of dual-function lifts in the market: symmetric lifts and asymmetric lifts.

Scissors for car scissors

Scissor lifts are so called because they lift vehicles by a mechanism like accordions under the runways; A metal frame joined from the X to raise the platform on which the car stands.

Scissor lifts come in a variety of capacities and heights for home and professional auto repair shops, and are capable of lifting extremely Heavy vehicles from a low altitude of about three feet to anything, to anything further. It's built like an attractive wheel and tire style.

car parking lifts suppliers in UK

Portable car elevators

Space is always an issue in which portable auto elevators come in. Want to lift your elevator when you finish sorting your car? Then she lifted the portable auto you're after.

Automatic portable elevators are an effective solution for the home or small business. They have limited lift capacity, beware of lifting capacity, in case if used for works.

Column elevators

• Mobile shaft elevators provided by GG LIFTERSTECH Company, one of the car parking lifts suppliers in UK, which are wheel lifts.

• The way you work is to rotate the shaft in place by a wheel (for each wheel in the car) and lift your car simultaneously to get an even lift. Each shaft is a completely separate unit and when held in place each wheel works together to lift the vehicle. These heavy-duty lifts are generally not your choice in a typical home.

)Automatic underground elevators) provided by GG.lifters Company, one of the car parking lifts suppliers in UK.

For many years, automatic car lifts have been the industry standard for lifting cars and trucks. The best feature is that you can keep it low on the floor of your repair facility when it is not being used.

Depending on the design, automatic ground lifts can be either a tire or a wheel.

Auto elevator alignment

The alignment auto hoist has runways that are driven by the car, Roller and bird panels are integrated into the lanes to allow wheels to turn easily Without any resistance, this is a type of lift, this is called tensile.