car parking lifts suppliers in Australia

GG LIFTERSTECH Company has become one of the best leading car parking lifts suppliers in Australia, where car elevators are an important and necessary tool as the ideal solution for parking use, And because the goal of GG LIFTERSTECH Company, a leading provider of car parking lifts suppliers in Australia is to secure your needs, we provide you with robust, robust car lifts capable of carrying cars of any size and weight in addition to safety and security features.

Characteristics of car elevators

Among the important characteristics can be specified capacity and speed, as well as lifting height, clearance, and hull type.

The load capacity is determined by the weight of the vehicle, which special equipment is able to safely lift, And for the repair and maintenance of cars and pickups, the permissible weight ranges from one and a half to five tons.

As for the lift speed, this parameter differs slightly from most units. On average, the rate ranges from one to two minutes. The electromechanical equipment has a high lifting speed in the machine.

Safety requirements

GG LIFTERSTECH Company is one of the best leading car parking lifts suppliers in Australia offering safety requirements to operate this equipment. This is mainly aimed at eliminating the risk of elevator fall and electrical safety. Particularly high requirements are placed on portable devices, as well as on outdoor units. An example of this is a car with a lift - awning.

car parking lifts suppliers in Australia

Types of designs

GG LIFTERSTECH Company offers leading car parking lifts suppliers in Australia, each of them differs according to the principle of lift mechanism. The type also determines how the vehicle will be fitted to the lifting mechanism. By type of driving, all equipment can be divided into:





By the way the supporting elements are made, joists, sink risers, as well as scissor units can be distinguished.

Each specific type of equipment has its own design features.

As for the range, it may vary, the scope of use is determined in most cases by the type of work being performed, as well as by the devices being maintained at the plant.

Rack mount

Here the main load is on the vertical rack, the lower part, which provides stability to the system, is usually installed with anchor bolts in the concrete base of the floor.

On the side of this design there is a lifting mechanism - it can be electromechanical or electro-hydraulic type.

Also, on the side you can see the attachment. Shelf units can be implemented in the portable mobile version.

According to the number of shelves, these units are divided into one, two-four and four-post structures. Consider the features of each of them.

Single rack equipment

It is the addition of the best and most versatile mobile lifting equipment, it is mainly used in small service stations or garage type services, distinguishing between fixed and mobile models.

As for the fixed equipment, the carrying capacity of this equipment is 2000 kg.

Characteristics of the carrying capacity of mobile models - not more than 250 kg. Meanwhile, no more than four passenger car mobile elevators can be used.

One of the best car parking lifts suppliers in Australia

These systems are characterized by a large carrying capacity, it is widely used in charging service stations. Among them, in this group, the models are distinguished by the carrying capacity and length of the platform. With sizes up to 5000 mm, the unit is suitable for terminals.